Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The end

Fuck off world, ive had a gutsfull

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A little progress

Havent been here for a while, many reasons, and you will know why, but its time to get back into it.

So - Today, first comp ever, and I did 2:04 static and 58m DYN - not my pb's or anywhere close to them, but better than nothing, and not too bad i suppose after 7 months of sickness and injury, and not alot of training in the last 3 weeks!

Monday, April 13, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing the worlds deepest woman decend to -100m, and the worlds deepest man come back clean as a whistle from -120m, I had some very big shoes to fill, getting in the water to try to see how far the worlds deepest JoyC could go.  I got in on day 8 of the comp, and made it quite ok to 15m both variable weigth and free immersion, when i got the surface, the best i could say was ' that was fucking awesome, the fish are so beautiful'.  The rope then was extended out to 20m, and i headed down on a 'variable weight attempt' as the pro's in the sport would say it.  it was a bit dark, and i hadnt see the walls of the blue hole at that depth before, and at 15m i let got and swum to the surface.

Today i got into the hole, happy to be able to feel comfortable at 15m, William Winram and Jana strain agreed to be my 'bottom plate' and Kerian agreed to be my safety diver.  I floated around on the surface just watching Will and Jana do some negative drops and hangs, I dove a couple of times and swum thru some small schools of fish while the guns were doing their thing.  Then Kerian said it was time, and took me to the line.  There was some conversation about my bottom plates being at -15 or -20m, I was just busy breathing and trying to relax and visualize, then it was time to go, I breathed up the same way I do for the pool, and then just went for it, a bit anxious because I was pulling myself down, but got into the groove, got to a marking on the rope and thought ' great, im at 10m and I can see Will and Jana waiting for me at 15m - sailed down to them and considered asking them to go down a little further for me, but gave them a hi-fivie, turned and started going up.  On the sufrace I felt good really really good, happy that I had done the 15m and it felt easy and calm, Kerian was yahoo-ing and hugging me and told me that he was close to tears, and gave me big hugs, then Jana and Will came up, yahooing as well.  Quite honestly I thought it was over the top, the way they were celebrating, then Will said "20m!!! good on you" - YES - I went to myself, anxiousness.....NO FEAR..... I screamed out "20m..fucking hell your kidding" - I then realised why they were all celebrating so much.  and, as I said at the start of my dive, once I get to -20m I no longer have a fear of water......SO  ...evidently....FEAR IS NO LONGER A FACTOR FOR ME!  

I tried to do a few more drops to 20 - but only managed to get to -12 and -16 - but im still happy!  The blue hole is magical...i proved it today, I am the deepest JoyC in history!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Runaway Trains

talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous got a couple of runaway trains at the moment, not sure I can even be bothered in trying to stop them- oh well such is life aye. Bahamas is good, hot and sticky, not as much fun as last time tho, the water is nice, I would quite like to be able to spend more time in the water, but basically so far the comp ends and everyone wants to go home, so thats the end of that! Got in in Monday after arriving and swum around, dived down a few metres and had the time of my life really, since then its just been swiming out to the platform and back.

Cant let go of whats going on back home, sleeping is not something my brain will let me do easily at the moment, its too busy torturing me about money, things to do, things I should have done, things I should be doing - same old stuff, the sleeping pills work a treat, i just cant drink and have them at the same time, or I end up awefully sick, so its one or the other, and I want both.

The heat here at night is worse than I remember it from last year, should loose a few kilos just from the sauna which is the bedroom, the windows and door have to be shut, which means no airflow - yuck!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Re-igniting passion

As you know, im a bit of a blood and guts freak.  Today I had an opportunity to be in the back pocket of a medic at a league game - and wow, talk about so very very cool.  Not so much the game - but the injury's these guys deal with.  Needless to say I might have to dust off my copy of Greys Anatomy and start learning about what is connected with what again - you know if you dont use it you loose it, and while my basic anatomy is probably  a bit above average, its all those small bits and pieces that connect to the big bits and pieces I need to dust up on!!!

So - today im happy, its a great feeling - thanks to Deb for making me realise I
 CAN do what I want to.

Count down is on to the big change,...stay tuned!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

no title - dont know what to say

I have all these feelings, and cant put them into words, because the words just dont make sense, and they dont even seem to fit.

Heres what I know, im not happy havent been for ages, what i am not happy with is not my life as such, just my situation, that will change soon - not soon enough.

Im close to breaking, all of this is taking its toll - I'm in need of some serious drugs, some serious rest, and some serious change, all of which will come in time, but maybe not soon enough.

Had it brought to my attention today, that you just cant trust anyone, I know this, but I trust too much, trust that people will do for me, what I wouldnt even think about doing for them. There is so much to change, and me trusting people is a big thing for me to go and change.

Arrgghhhhh i just dont bloody know anymore.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Idle threat or real risk?

Was rocking out to nicleback today and these lyrics hit me:

If everyone cared and no body cried
If  everyone love and nobody lied
If  everyone shared and swallowed their pride
we see the day when nobody died.

and further on:

And as we lied beneath the stars
We realise how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world would be.

Nice huh - if only it could come true. - in reality life is more like their lyrics to "rockstar" 

So  have received a couple of really interesting threats, but its probably all smoke and mirrors. 

Im in 2 minds about them, good luck to them if they do "pull them off" everyone and everything is replaceable, there is little I hang on to now, this type of shit doesnt phase me anymore. 

If I react to these threats, I might play into their hands.  So what to do?  Well I will tell you what, nothing, absolutely nothing at all.  

I will do what I need to do on a day to day basis.  I will say what I need to say, and act how I am expected to act to meet my responsibilities, and aside from that ...nothing at all.

I am tired of explaining my actions and justifying my comments, because people have gone off half cocked about things they have no idea about, most of all, im tired of being treated like the "back up plan" for people when they dont plan properly, and then being held accountable for their actions.

My message to the world, I think the little bear above says it all.
got it?

so goals this year
1) finish what was started last year
2) get new venture rocking
3) get new start up launched
4) 2 trips to the bahamas ( april and november) and plenty of trips to pacific islands
5) hit the hundy.
6) weight down to 50 - and same with the heart rate!

should keep me busy :)