Thursday, October 4, 2007

What I'm Extremely Proud Of........

U know I probably haven't said it enuff - but Kerian baby, im sooooo god damn proud of you, 201m is just sooo sooo very cool, and I know we can do even more! - bring on the water!!

My First Post!

Ok - so here we go, the very first post on the very first blog, honestly I would have thought that being in the industry I am in, I would have gotten onto blogging a long time ago, but alas no!

So - the weather is crap outside, blowing like a bag of bastards - so much for being summer!

Im a judge - whoop this will be fun,I did the introduction course, have the hat and t-shirt, so am officially a Level E judge for freediving.

I cant wait to get back into the training at the pool with kerian when the school holidays are over - im starting to like this water stuff!