Friday, February 8, 2008

Study study STUDY

What have I done?????...well i was looking at all my course details and i have, as usual over extended myself - i have 10 assignments due before i go away - this is probably par for the course when you take on 5 distance learning courses the same time.

Ok - so heres what i am studying:
Sports Development and Training
Health Sciences
Forensic Science
NCEA Level 2 Biology ( old 6th form Bio)
NCEA Level 2 Maths with Stats ( old 6th from maths)


Kerian and I worked through one of the maths exercises what a laugh that was, it took two, pretty intelligent adults a good hour to work through one of the exercises regarding probability distribution. ( and we all know any 6th former probably would have got it done in 10 mins!) but I was left with one question.......why? Why do we need to know that there is a 4/16 chance that if we toss a coin 4 times we will get 4 heads in a row, just take the risk, toss it, see what comes up ..isnt that what life is about...taking risks and dealing with what happens, rather than pre-empting your future???