Saturday, January 10, 2009

Idle threat or real risk?

Was rocking out to nicleback today and these lyrics hit me:

If everyone cared and no body cried
If  everyone love and nobody lied
If  everyone shared and swallowed their pride
we see the day when nobody died.

and further on:

And as we lied beneath the stars
We realise how small we are
If they could love like you and me
Imagine what the world would be.

Nice huh - if only it could come true. - in reality life is more like their lyrics to "rockstar" 

So  have received a couple of really interesting threats, but its probably all smoke and mirrors. 

Im in 2 minds about them, good luck to them if they do "pull them off" everyone and everything is replaceable, there is little I hang on to now, this type of shit doesnt phase me anymore. 

If I react to these threats, I might play into their hands.  So what to do?  Well I will tell you what, nothing, absolutely nothing at all.  

I will do what I need to do on a day to day basis.  I will say what I need to say, and act how I am expected to act to meet my responsibilities, and aside from that ...nothing at all.

I am tired of explaining my actions and justifying my comments, because people have gone off half cocked about things they have no idea about, most of all, im tired of being treated like the "back up plan" for people when they dont plan properly, and then being held accountable for their actions.

My message to the world, I think the little bear above says it all.
got it?

so goals this year
1) finish what was started last year
2) get new venture rocking
3) get new start up launched
4) 2 trips to the bahamas ( april and november) and plenty of trips to pacific islands
5) hit the hundy.
6) weight down to 50 - and same with the heart rate!

should keep me busy :)