Friday, January 25, 2008

Time to dig deep!

Well after a few blooming hectic months at work, I am starting to find time for me, which means I can record my "life's events" here - really its for no one else to see, its just so i can vent and share with myself whats going on to gain a little perspective.

The "BIG" thing at the moment is the free diving trip, I am quietly really really excited, theres lots of work to get on with, organising the trip for one, financing it, training, fund raising , which I seem to have taken on board to do, when really I am struggling to figure out when. Not only will it be a great opportunity for Kerian to learn from some of the world greats, but for me to learn from them as well, investigate new training techniques and systems, and of course try out those red, white and yellow cards!!!! Most of all, for the both of us, it will be us time, something we have very little of, and after a pretty horrible 3 years I think we deserve and need it.

So thats it, time to watch a movie now and reflect on reality and fiction at the same time, no doubt while eating chips and drinking Grolsh.