Friday, March 13, 2009

Re-igniting passion

As you know, im a bit of a blood and guts freak.  Today I had an opportunity to be in the back pocket of a medic at a league game - and wow, talk about so very very cool.  Not so much the game - but the injury's these guys deal with.  Needless to say I might have to dust off my copy of Greys Anatomy and start learning about what is connected with what again - you know if you dont use it you loose it, and while my basic anatomy is probably  a bit above average, its all those small bits and pieces that connect to the big bits and pieces I need to dust up on!!!

So - today im happy, its a great feeling - thanks to Deb for making me realise I
 CAN do what I want to.

Count down is on to the big change,...stay tuned!!

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