Friday, April 3, 2009

Runaway Trains

talk about going from the sublime to the ridiculous got a couple of runaway trains at the moment, not sure I can even be bothered in trying to stop them- oh well such is life aye. Bahamas is good, hot and sticky, not as much fun as last time tho, the water is nice, I would quite like to be able to spend more time in the water, but basically so far the comp ends and everyone wants to go home, so thats the end of that! Got in in Monday after arriving and swum around, dived down a few metres and had the time of my life really, since then its just been swiming out to the platform and back.

Cant let go of whats going on back home, sleeping is not something my brain will let me do easily at the moment, its too busy torturing me about money, things to do, things I should have done, things I should be doing - same old stuff, the sleeping pills work a treat, i just cant drink and have them at the same time, or I end up awefully sick, so its one or the other, and I want both.

The heat here at night is worse than I remember it from last year, should loose a few kilos just from the sauna which is the bedroom, the windows and door have to be shut, which means no airflow - yuck!

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