Monday, April 13, 2009

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing the worlds deepest woman decend to -100m, and the worlds deepest man come back clean as a whistle from -120m, I had some very big shoes to fill, getting in the water to try to see how far the worlds deepest JoyC could go.  I got in on day 8 of the comp, and made it quite ok to 15m both variable weigth and free immersion, when i got the surface, the best i could say was ' that was fucking awesome, the fish are so beautiful'.  The rope then was extended out to 20m, and i headed down on a 'variable weight attempt' as the pro's in the sport would say it.  it was a bit dark, and i hadnt see the walls of the blue hole at that depth before, and at 15m i let got and swum to the surface.

Today i got into the hole, happy to be able to feel comfortable at 15m, William Winram and Jana strain agreed to be my 'bottom plate' and Kerian agreed to be my safety diver.  I floated around on the surface just watching Will and Jana do some negative drops and hangs, I dove a couple of times and swum thru some small schools of fish while the guns were doing their thing.  Then Kerian said it was time, and took me to the line.  There was some conversation about my bottom plates being at -15 or -20m, I was just busy breathing and trying to relax and visualize, then it was time to go, I breathed up the same way I do for the pool, and then just went for it, a bit anxious because I was pulling myself down, but got into the groove, got to a marking on the rope and thought ' great, im at 10m and I can see Will and Jana waiting for me at 15m - sailed down to them and considered asking them to go down a little further for me, but gave them a hi-fivie, turned and started going up.  On the sufrace I felt good really really good, happy that I had done the 15m and it felt easy and calm, Kerian was yahoo-ing and hugging me and told me that he was close to tears, and gave me big hugs, then Jana and Will came up, yahooing as well.  Quite honestly I thought it was over the top, the way they were celebrating, then Will said "20m!!! good on you" - YES - I went to myself, anxiousness.....NO FEAR..... I screamed out "20m..fucking hell your kidding" - I then realised why they were all celebrating so much.  and, as I said at the start of my dive, once I get to -20m I no longer have a fear of water......SO  ...evidently....FEAR IS NO LONGER A FACTOR FOR ME!  

I tried to do a few more drops to 20 - but only managed to get to -12 and -16 - but im still happy!  The blue hole is magical...i proved it today, I am the deepest JoyC in history!

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